Sunday, 31 January 2010

Slashed/Ripped Tees

I have been looking all over the place for some slashed/ripped tshirts after seeing my style idol Miley Cyrus wearing this:

Now as she is hot and I definitly don't have her figure, I wouldn't be able to pull that tshirt off. Finally, I looked on the River Island website and found two nice tshirts that are subtle enough for normal people with faults to wear:

As River Island doesn't have direct links, to access the tshirts just follow this:

1. First go onto:
2. Then, 'women'
3. Followed by 'tops'
4. And finally 'tshirts/vests/bodies'
5. These tshirts are on the '3rd page'.

These are pictures of the two colours available and I'm hoping to get the 'black' colour as it has more of a rock chick edge to it.

These are only £14.99 and you can wear them with nothing underneath or a vest top if you don't dare to bare everything - and I think i'll be going with the second option :)

I also had an email about this ripped tshirt:

Which is from Select and is a let less subtle than the ones above.
You can find this tshirt here: and it is only £12.

Personally, I prefer the ones from River Island because I have been looking for these for a long time now :) When I get some money and get round to buying them I will post pictures for you all.

Jemma :)