Saturday, 6 December 2014

What it's like to meet and interview Union J

If you don't follow me on Twitter then you probably won't know that this week I got to interview Union J (twice!) and also meet them. You might be thinking, 'great, who cares', but seeing as they're my favourite boy band I thought it'd be nice to write an account from a fan's perspective. You see, I wrote an article for the newspaper as a reporter, and I've written a follow up interview too. But they're just facts, so I've decided to write more of an opinion piece on my blog.

The moment I found out the boys were visiting Nottingham on their single signing tour, I knew I had to be the person who covered it. I've loved them since X Factor - not just because of their dashing good looks - but also because of their music, believe it or not. When I got the go ahead, I was unbelievably excited and even now, I can't believe it's happened (FYI - their tour manager's mobile number lives in my phone, bezzies).

So after a shift at work in the office, I headed over to Morrisons, in Gamston, to speak to a few fans (who had been queuing for hours and were freezing) and meet the boys. I wanted to come off as professional but I knew I needed to get a photograph with them, and possibly a signed CD myself. After speaking to some adorable fans, and chatting about who is our favourite (JJ for me, mainly George for them) I was met by the band's tour manager.

We took a long journey upstairs where I could hear Josh singing. It was beautiful. I got to interview both JJ and Josh - and Jaymi yesterday on the phone - and they were both adorable. Firstly giving me hugs (I died) and an absolute pleasure to interview. They then signed my CD, and I got to record a video of them saying how much they all loved their Nottingham fans, which now happily lives on my iPad. The photographer did his thing and then it was my time for a photo with the quartet.
Heading down to the crowds, the boys were signing Let It Go and Thinking Out Loud. George then met his family downstairs (some live in West Bridgford) and Jaymi tried to sell the crowd a Morrisons reef for £7 - bargain. You wouldn't think they were superstars. They weren't divaish at all. Just normal 20-something lads who were more than happy to be interviewed by someone who had a professional exterior but who was actually fan girling inside. Let's say I have the best job in the world.

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