Wednesday, 13 November 2013

BATH | LUSH Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

I apologise about my yellow fingernails. That's what happens when you buy cheap (Sinful Colors) nail polish. Sigh.

For some ridiculous - and quite frankly, strange - reason, up until last week, I hadn't ventured into a LUSH store for a while. I used to be quite the LUSH fan and once, my sister invested in the Think Pink hatbox for me... oh, those were the days. Anyway, last week I found myself perusing my local LUSH branch and cooing and falling in love with the Christmas collection. When I spied Candy Mountain, I immediately forgot about my weekly budget and decided that I'd just skip a day of food. I quickly snapped the bubble bar up and after last night's successful bath, I'm incredibly glad I did.

Now, if you're a LUSH regular, a reader of blogs or a general girly girl then you will have heard about the famous Snow Fairy shower gel. It's my all-time favourite shower gel and after every Christmas (when the range has been reduced of course) I stock up on bottles of the stuff. The scent is the epitome of girly - candyfloss, glittery and oh, so sugary - it's one that can't be missed. Pair that scent with the one of Rock Star's soap and you have yourself Candy Mountain. It's delicious. Sweet. Sugary. And exactly what I want to smell like for the remainder of my life.

Pair that with the gorgeous formula of LUSH's wonderful bubble bars and you have a winner. Crumble this under pouring water to reveal an array of beautiful bubbles and pink goodness. It's a girls dream. And not only does it look and smell good, it does good too. Once I've stepped out of the bath, my skin feels incredibly soft. So soft that I fell back into the bath when I tried to get out of it - quite slippery there, you've been warned. At £2.65, it's not cheap - especially considering I only got the one bath out of it - but it's completely worth it and I'm tempted to go back and stock up.

Have you tried any of the Christmas range from LUSH yet? Which one should I try next?