Wednesday, 29 January 2014

TAN | Cocoa Brown's 1 Hour Tan Mousse

Being a pale gal myself, one thing I love is fake tan. I'm constantly on the lookout for the "best" and as a result of this, I've trialled many. The latest to join the pack is Cocoa Brown's 1 Hour Tan Mousse. Usually, I'm not a fan of mousse tans, I tend to find them hard to use, however, I throughly enjoyed this one.

I started with the TOUGH STUFF Body Scrub* which almost instantly become my favourite ever body scrub. It's abrasive and really buffs away dead skin cells. In fact, you know when a scrub is so effective that it makes your hands go numb after scrubbing for a while? Yep, this one did that. It's incredibly satisfying. Despite being an abrasive scrub, it was gentle and didn't irritate or scratch the skin one bit. The best thing about this scrub though is the price. Two sachets are available from Feelunique for £4.50. I scrubbed my entire body down and I still have three quarters left - bargain.

After scrubbing myself down, I applied the One Hour Tan Mousse* to the Tanning Mitt* and spent a little while buffing and blending the tan into my skin. There is a small hint of a guidance colour to the tan but it's not the nasty orange colour that most leave behind. It's the fastest drying fake tan I've ever used and almost instantly, I could get dressed - thank god for no stickyness. There was also no awful biscuit smell left behind and the skin was left feeling very soft and if anything, moisturised.

The best thing about this tan though is that it develops into a light glow after just one hour. You can leave it on for longer (two hours = medium tan, three hours = dark tan) though if you wish. But even so, three hours for a deep tan is fabulous. To get the colour above, I left my tan on for about one and a half hours and it was the perfect winter colour for me - not too dark but it god rid of my paleness. I didn't have one streak on my body and it's fading nice and easily (with thanks to the body scrub). Despite being so fabulous, this tan retails for just £7.99 - the cheapest fake tan I've tried but without a doubt, one of the best.

What's your favourite fake tan?
*PR sample