Friday, 24 January 2014

Dentyl Active Mouthwash

When I first popped these mouthwashes into the bathroom, my housemate was pretty excited. She'd heard that you could see Dentyl Active* mouthwashes working in the sink. We quickly had a swig each and was amazed when, even after brushing our teeth, little tiny bits of plaque (that looked like cotton) were left behind in the sink.

There's a lot of scientific information when it comes to these mouthwashes and I'm not all that good with science. But basically they're alcohol free, scientifically proven to reduce plaque levels by 25%, contain three antibacterial agents, kills up to 99.9% of oral bacteria and removes food debris.

Being the only two phase active mouthwash in the UK, you have to shake this mouthwash well before use. There are two stages: a water-based stage that has a special antibacterial agent inside of it and an oil-based solution. Shaking combines the two and creates a solution that's much more powerful than the two individual parts. Bacteria joins up with the mouthwash so when it's rinsed out, you see deposits left in your mouth in the sink.

Pretty fancy right? The reason I loved using this mouthwash so much wasn't because of the whole "yuck, I can see left over food and bacteria coming out of mouth" thing (although it was impressive and fascinating). I loved the fact that this left my breath and mouth feeling ridiculously fresh. It has a lovely minty taste to it and because of this, it's become a welcome addition to my dental hygiene routine.

There are five different variaties of Dentyl Active that you can view and buy here. My favourite is definitely the 'clove' one (which did worry me at first as it reminded me of garlic). They retail for £3.15 and £4.30 each.

What's your favourite mouthwash?
*PR Sample