Sunday, 23 March 2014

Current Wishlist

First of all, do you know how hard it is to find stock images of products for wishlist posts?! No matter what I type into Google, the image tab is always filled with beautiful images by bloggers. Great for the community, not so great for wanting to compile a wishlist - it made me want to buy these products even more! But anyway, I managed it in the end (although it did take me a few hours longer than it would've done four years ago, bravo bloggers, bravo)!

Of course, being a Britney fan it was inevitable that her two new fragrances were going to make the list. Fantasy Nice and Fantasy Naughty are two new fragrances that have taken the exact same notes from the original Fantasy, remixed them and created two completely different scents. The Nice Remix is said to be fruity and sparkling whereas the Naughty Remix is more sensual and musky. At £23 each, they're not cheap when you want to buy them both so I'm waiting for them to be released into Boots so I can use my staff discount - waiting is not a good thing for Britney fan, sigh.

Since I discovered they do £15 student discount at UNiDAYS (even on sale items) I've fallen head over heels in love with In Love With Fashion. The two playsuits above are from the brand and I've been lusting over them for a while. Both the Mint Oriental Print Playsuit and the Lemon Diamond Back Playsuit would be perfect for my holiday in July. "I need them both" is an understatement. 

A few days ago, I'd had enough of my foundations so I found myself perusing Boots in search of a new one. I swatched many and instantly fell in love with the Bourjois Happy Light Foundation. The texture was gorgeous however, I needed a fail-safe foundation that would cover everything and I was unsure if the coverage of this was good enough. So I went with a different one. Since then, this foundation is all I've thought about it. I think I need it.

I've had my current Tangle Teezer for a long time now - ever since they were first released - but I've always lusted after a Compact version. They're more expensive than the original ones, but they're perfect for throwing into your handbag and taking with you when you're travelling. The Tangle Teezer Compact Styler in Feline Groovy is one that has caught my eye for a while. And I've managed to find it on a website called Hairtrade for a couple of pounds cheaper than it would be in Boots - bonus!

A couple of LUSH products I've got my eye on is the Oatifix Fresh Face Mask. Made up of bananas, oatmeal, vanilla and almonds, this mask smells good enough to eat. I've currently got a small sample sitting my fridge waiting for me to use it and I can't wait. I've recently replaced my cleansers with LUSH ones so I'm soon due a free face mask (with their loyalty "bring your old pots back scheme) and think this is the one I'll be getting. At the Meadowhall blogger's event, I fell in love with the Emotional Brilliance range and one shade in particular that caught my eye was the Sophisticated Eyeshadow. I decided to invest in the Strong Lipstick at the time instead but I haven't been able to get this eyeshadow out of my mind since (swatch here).

The weather is getting better and my skin is getting oilier so I'm in desperate need of a new moisturiser. One I've tried before (only a tiny sachet sample unfortunately) and fell in love with is the Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer. It smells delicious and is lightweight on the skin. I think this is the year that I finally invest in this beautiful moisturiser. 

What items are currently on your wishlist?