Monday, 10 March 2014

Marshmallow Blends; the perfect Lush alternative

I've loved Nicoletta for a long time now. Her blog was one of the first ones I followed and over the years, we've kept in touch. Back in 2011, she opened up her very own online shop called Marshmallow Blends which I've kept up to date with since the start. I constantly see the delicious products that she's currently making and testing out on Facebook and dream of getting my hands on a few of the products. Recently, I got the opportunity to try some out (and now, I can't wait to branch out further).

This soap is aimed at those with oily or problem skin. With activated charcoal, rose clay, tea tree oil and grapefruit essential oils, this soap gently cleanses the skin and keeps it looking clear and healthy. I received this just as my beloved Clearasil face wash ran out and this became a godsend. I haven't used a bar cleanser for a very long time and although it was strange at first, I've been loving it. It doesn't foam up much but instead creates a small lather of what feels like silk that massages into the skin and removes any impurities. I've only been using this in mornings so I can't comment on what it's like with make up removal, but when it comes to keeping shine at bay throughout the day, this is actually perfect.

I love my lip balms and this one has made its way to my coveted bedside table of beauty products. This lip balm is bursting with natural butters and oils that all work together to hydrate and keep lips soft and supple. This scent in particular - which is Sugared Rose - is one that I didn't think I'd like originally. I'm not a rose fan at all but this (like Korres) has converted me. It's a sweet rose that is relaxing and perfect for smothering onto your lips before bedtime. 

I do love my bath bombs, and having tried all of the Lush's offering, I was excited to branch out into another brand. The topping is a bath melt and the base is a bath bomb which has been made into a beautiful sweet shop favourite fragrance. The scent fills the room and for hours after, my housemates were commenting on how delicious the bathroom smelt - literally exactly like the sweets. It was uplifting and relaxing at the same time. The bath bomb itself didn't change the colour of the bath but it did add bubbles and moisture which left my skin feeling incredible soft afterwards.

Have you tried anything from Marshmallow Blends before? You can view their entire range here.
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