Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Halo Wipes range

I love beauty products that are small and portable. So as you can imagine, I'm a big fan of the brand Halo. Established in 1987, the Halo range has been produced for women who want to look good and stay feeling fresh no matter what the day ahead brings. The handbag-essentials make life that little bit easier and I've fallen in love with them. I even have a little make up bag inside my handbag dedicated to Halo wipes. The brand has recently started working with Binky Felstead and I've included a lovely Q&A video below for you to watch.

Without a doubt my favourite of the bunch. These make the transition from day to night incredibly easy. One pad is enough to do both eyes and the hypoallergenic and fragrance free pads make them suitable for even the gentlest of eyes. You don't have to vigorously rub your eyes in order to remove the make up but instead, a quick swipe and you're good to go. A lifesaver. And they even work on waterproof make up.

I'm a big believer in hygiene and I always have an antibacterial hand gel or set of wipes on me. These wipes are perfect for when there's no sink around and a tissue isn't going to cut it. For example last night, I was in Chimichanga and despite being 21 now, I made a bit of a mess with the sauce. These Hygienic Wipes took me from sticky to fresh in an instant and I was ready to get Ben & Jerry's afterwards.

Deodorant Wipes* - £1.20
I haven't had a "real reason" to use these other than the fact they sounded cool. England hasn't reached summer yet (in fact, our Spring is pretty lacklustre too) so I don't find myself needing a quick deodorant touch up yet. However, I have used these a couple of times at the start of the day and they work wonderfully. They don't leave white marks on clothes and they keep you fresh as a daisy throughout the day.

These beauties have become an absolute staple in my cleaning kit. I've repurchased them a few times already and I believe I will continue to do so. I use one of these every couple of days to quickly clean and refresh my bedroom as they leave any surfaces sparkling, germ free and smelling sweet. They're perfect for the kitchen and bathroom too as they protect against e-coli, e-faecalis and other bacteria.

I'm not too sure if these will completely replace toilet paper for me but when I'm out and about, these certainly come in handy. They have a mild chamomile formula that leaves you feeling fresh and clean after you've, you know, used the loo. A great concept and once again, I think these will be even more perfect when summer comes around.

Have you tried anything from the Halo range before? What's your favourite product?
*PR Sample