Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Colgate MaxWhite ONE Optic Toothpaste

The best decision I've ever made was to get braces. I won't go into too much detail about my braces or my story as I've done a post here and I'm planning on doing a huge one when I get them off. The only problem with braces is whitening your teeth is a big no-no. And seeing as I'm a massive tea drinker, my teeth have ended up badly stained. A few months ago I decided to use teeth whitening products anyway; I've planned on having my teeth professionally whitened after my braces have been removed so I didn't think it could cause any harm. One product I've been using and loving is Colgate's MaxWhite ONE Optic Toothpaste.* Currently priced at just £2.24 (as an introductory offer) instead of the usual price of £4.49, this toothpaste is an incredible way to whiten your teeth fast.

Using a unique optical brightening technology, this toothpaste provides a temporary visible whitening effect that instantly brightens your smile. The first one of its kind in the UK, the optical brighteners form an invisible sheen on your teeth, which reflects blue light and instantly makes your teeth appear whiter. As well as this, the added stain removers provide a progressive whitening action to give you long lasting whiter teeth. When I first read about this product, I thought that it was too good to be true. But the proof is in the photo above. Brushing your teeth (without spitting) for two minutes in the morning really does leave you with a dazzling smile - up until you eat, when it starts to fade away. Not half bad at all. This toothpaste also tastes like Spearmint Polos which is a major added benefit.

As mentioned earlier, this toothpaste is available to buy here where it's currently on offer for a bargainous £2.24.

What's your favourite teeth whitening products?
*PR Sample