Monday, 23 June 2014

LIFESTYLE | The Lincolnshire Show

Last week absolutely flew by, probably because I was pretty busy. I'm going to try and write more lifestyle type posts as personally, I love reading them myself and they're something nice to look back at. On Thursday, I visited The Lincolnshire Show. Despite living in Lincoln for the past three years, I'd never heard of the show before my invite. But after a look at the website, it seemed like it'd be a nice day out and as a town girl, interesting to learn more about the countryside. I visited the show with my friend who has lived in Lincolnshire his entire life, and we ended up staying at the show from 9am until 6pm - the full nine hours.

People who attended weren't short of things to do and there was plenty to see. We visited the bee tent a couple of times as we were both fascinated with how clever the little creatures actually are. The amount of things that bees provide us with is insane - not to mention how fabulous honey and beeswax is when it comes to beauty products. We saw the bees get on with their day-to-day lives, the queen, honey being extracted and even learnt that bees work themselves to death and on average, live around six weeks.

There were plenty of animals on show, of course, and I got to see rabbits, pigs, cows, sheep and even police dogs - which were my personal favourite. I'm a massive fan of animals, especially clever ones, and these dogs were extremely intelligent. We saw them detecting drugs, chasing after criminals all whilst watching the wonderful Red Arrows fly over our head - it really was a spectacle. Another showstopper to mention: the RAF Falcons. I'd never seen them before but the entire show stopped and starred as they parachuted out of the sky.

Surprisingly, I also enjoyed looking around the farming machinery and old vehicles. It was fascinating seeing what equipment is actually out there - I only thought there were tractors. And of course, the food court was exceptional. Pricey, but absolutely delicious. Overall, it was a lovely day and despite staying at the show for nine hours, it didn't seem that long at all. I'd highly recommend visiting the show with family and friends next year if you get the opportunity to.

Did you visit this year's show?
*both tickets were provided free of charge as press passes