Tuesday, 10 June 2014

What's inside my summer everyday essentials bag?

Ooh isn't the weather lovely today? I've been into town for no reason at all and I had to come back after a couple of hours because I couldn't handle the heat; I'm definitely not a sun-fan at all. But regardless, I can't complain. With the sun showing its face, I've mixed up my everyday essentials bag and in case you're wondering, the bag is an old one from Primark. I'm keeping my eyes pealed for one of the smaller London bags from Primark but I can't spot it anywhere. I have the medium sized one but it's too big for everyday use sadly. Anyway, the keyring is from Clinique and it's one of the first items I ever received as a PR sample. It came with their 3 Step System and it's now four years old. It also doubles up as a small mirror.

Pebble Grey LED Cosmetic Mirror* - £24.99 (currently on offer for £19.99)
I'm not going to go into too much detail about this mirror as I do have a full blog post (+ giveaway!) coming up very soon. But basically, I don't know how I've gone my entire life without one in my handbag. It lights up when opened using LED lights and is just perfect in everyway. It's nice and compact and fits into my everyday bag perfectly.

The hand cream pictured above is actually a teeny 10ml bottle which sadly, I can't find a link for. The full sized bottle is 50ml which is still a nice size for your handbag. I've been loving using this hand cream. Not only is the bottle beautiful looking, but the scent is gorgeous and the cream itself sinks into the hands almost instantly, leaving behind minimal residue.

This isn't my favourite Real Techniques brush but it's good for keeping in my bag with me for day-to-day touch ups as it nicely blends concealer into the skin. Like the name suggests, it's a retractable kabuki brush and the bristles get covered up by the lid, which is great for stopping bacteria. 

I always have to carry an antibacterial hand gel around with me. After all, you never quite know what situation you're going to end up getting yourself into. I LOVE these sweet ones from Cuticura as unlike most hand gels, they don't have a nasty chemical smell. Instead they smell absolutely gorgeous and don't dry the hands out.

Piz Buin In Sun Lipstick SPF 30 - £6.00 (currently on offer for £3.00)
The sun's out in the UK, hooray! For me, SPF is my must-have beauty item throughout the year. I have fair skin and I'm without a doubt scared of the sun, so I'm constantly protecting myself. This lip protection isn't that moisturising and it's quite thick and hard to use, but it does smell/taste nice and it's great knowing that my lips are protected throughout the day.

Soltan Baby Hypoallergenic Suncare Cream SPF50+ 50ml - £4.00 (currently on offer for £2.00)
Like above, I always carry SPF around with me. I apply it in the morning and keep a smaller one with my for on the go touch ups. This one is an absolute bargain and it smells nice and provides SPF50+ protection. I also love using Soltan products because they have a 5 star UVA protection rating.

I absolutely adore this lip balm. It adds a hint of colour, sheen and moisture to the lips and also protects them from the sun with an SPF of 15. It tastes delicious and there are seven different flavour/colour combinations to choose from - I need to own them all! Someone take me to the London store?

I have a love/hate relationship with this powder. On the one hand, it's wonderful at eliminating pores and my scarring, but on the other hand, it's ridiculously expensive as you only get a teeny 7g of product for your money. I carry it around in my handbag because of how compact and easy to use it is. It comes with a mini kabuki brush and you pour the powder into the lid, simple! 

Now my hair is shorter, I don't find myself using this as much. But it's still a handy product to keep in my bag (and I love it because it smells delicious). This Touch-Up Tamer looks like a mascara and applies like a mascara. You simple comb the wand through any flyaways and it instantly sticks them down without weighing your hair down or leaving behind any residue.

And of course, the god of all concealers is kept in my handbag. This is without a doubt my favourite concealer as it provides long lasting, full coverage that never looks cakey on the skin. I've gone through tubes of this stuff and it's something I'll definitely continue to repurchase.

What products do you carry around with you on a day-to-day basis?
*PR Sample