Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Library of Fragrance: Banana Flambee, Caramel and Baby Powder

You know when a company just gets it bang on? That's exactly how I feel about The Library of Fragrance. The brand's mission? To capture the beautiful scents that surround us in the everyday. I've been anticipating the release of these fragrances for a really long time now as I've been heavily involved in the brand's market research. I've helped with everything from the scents, the price, the location, the design. Which in actually fact is pretty damn cool. 

On release day, I rushed over to local Boots during a vox pop break and started having a sniff. I quickly decided on Baby Powder. Boots stock 28 of 101 fragrances including Grass, Sex on the Beach, Fresh Laundry and Fire Place. I find Boots perfect for trying out the fragrances before buying, however the full range is available on The Library of Fragrance website. Boots also currently have a '2 for £25' offer on which is perfect because you can mix and match the scents beautifully.

Which is exactly what I do with Banana Flambee* and Caramel*. Both the scents complement each other perfectly and work together in complete harmony. As someone who is useless when it comes to describing scents, these fragrances are an absolute dream. They smell exactly as they should. Banana Flambee? Smells like banana. Caramel? Smells like caramel. Baby Powder? Smells like baby powder. The brand have absolutely nailed the scents.

Like I mentioned earlier, 28 fragrances are available in Boots where there is currently a '2 for £25' promotion running and the full 101 fragrances are available on The Library of Fragrance website.

Which scents take your fancy?
*PR Sample