Friday, 5 September 2014

Lush Spa event at Meadowhall

On Sunday I headed over to Meadowhall after closing hours for a Lush Spa blogger preview event. I must admit, it was strange being in the centre after hours. When we first arrived, the store was closed and in darkness. I starting panicking that I had the wrong date, time and venue. But we soon noticed candles flickering away inside. The store was opened and we was greeted by relaxing music. As I mentioned, the store was in complete darkness - minus a few candles - so some of my photos were off. However the atmosphere was incredible. And although it was a store, you'd have thought it was a treatment room.

We were offered fruit infused waters by our hosts, Lindsey, Natalie and Fauve and I opted for orange and raspberry which tasted delicious. It was very refreshing! The other choice available was cucumber and mint. There was also cakes and Jammy Dodgers on offer throughout the evening. I'm supposed to be on a graduation diet but I couldn't refuse. It'd been a long day.

There were three treatments available for us to try: Validation Facial, The Spell and The Comforter. Becky and Carrieanne chose the Validation Facial, Rosie and Rose decided on The Spell and myself and Sian opted for The Comforter. 

Validation Facial, 60 minutes £75
A natural facial that will make your skin feel beautiful, while offering a touch of the supernatural to change the way you feel from inside.

The Spell, 60 minutes £55
The Spell is a magical treatment; let your worries vanish right before your eyes. Releasing body tensions and calming the mind by stimulating reflex points through the feet, The Spell helps you stand in truth with courage. 

The Comforter, 60 minutes £75
Dive into a world of pure imagination with a hot chocolate body scrub followed by a rose massage that will leave you feeling uplifted and your skin gently nourished.

The Comforter starts with a gorgeous-smelling scrub. The scrub itself is unique to the spa so the Meadowhall ladies created their own version which was delicious. The scrub wasn't harsh, but it really got to work on the skin. All this time, the massage-motion was taking place. Afterwards a body wash was applied, followed by a body conditioner. After this there was the massage bar. The treatment was done by the lovely Natalie who had a lot of the same interests at me. We nattered about books and it made the whole experience much more pleasant. 

There's no denying that the prices are expensive but after having a mini taster myself, I honestly think the treatments are worth the money. The Lush Spa is more than just a spa, it's an experience. There's the beautiful music, the gorgeous atmosphere and the treatment itself that doesn't just leave your body feeling and looking great, but your mind too. It completely eased all of my troubles and I left feeling like I could take on the world. That night I also slept extremely well.

We were allowed to take a few samples home and also given the opportunity to shop at our own leisure. I ended up picking up the Honey Bee bath bomb and the Miranda soap for my sister's new bathroom. The samples included in our goody bag were the Ro's Argan Body Conditioner*, Full of Grace Serum Bar*, You Snap The Whip Body Butter*, Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie* and a Big Blue bath bomb.*

Meadowhall's Lush isn't a spa store itself but the closest one available is Leeds. I'm already planning a spa day away with my mum for Christmas! Lush Meadowhall are offering a spa experience on September 21 from 6pm - 7:30pm. The experience costs £15 per person and you can book your place and find out further information by emailing

Have you been to a Lush spa before?
*Treatments were provided free of charge as were the samples