Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Purrfectbox - a must-have for any cat

I've never been bothered by the beauty boxes - I've always found them to be quite lacklustre. However the Purrfectbox* is something that immediately caught my eye. These subscription-based monthly gift boxes contain a selection of five to six premium goodies for your cat (or dog - the Pawsomebox) that are customised based on your pet's size, breed and preferences. 

My cat, Ratchett (named after the Transformer) absolutely adored his box. In fact, he went a little bit crazy over it and we've since had to hide it from him. He's only allowed it out on certain occasions now. The boxes start at £15.90 a month and you can play the game below to win either 20% off of your first box or a free box.

This month's box comes with the Wasabycat Scratching Post which was by far Ratchett's favourite item in the box as it comes complete with catnip. Sadly we couldn't give the Hello Cat Snacks or the Trixie Multi-Vitamin Paste to Ratchett as he's on a strict diet due to an illness but we did pass them on to one of his friends who told us how delicious they both are! The Spot Laser has always been a favourite toy and the Heart Cushion 4Cats is adorable (and once again comes with catnip).

This is a subscription service that we're definitely looking into buying as it's nice to treat our furry friends every now and then. Sadly because of Ratchett's condition, he couldn't try any of the food-based items but everything else was spot on. Although he's quite an old cat he's still extremely playful. And it's nice to get him moving as he is an indoor cat. 

What are your thoughts on this subscription service?
*PR Sample