Monday, 1 September 2014

August Favourites

I woke up this morning glad to see the back of August. It hasn't been the greatest, and I was ready to face September head on. I have a few things to look forward to this month, mainly my graduation. But today I've had my MOT and my car has failed badly. Needless to say, I'm in a bad mood and I hope September disappears as quickly as August did. Anyway one good thing that came out of the past month is some beautiful products that I'm excited to share with you.

I basically bought these because they're cheap. I haven't chemically exfoliated in a while and now it's getting to winter and the sun isn't out in full force, I decided it was about time I started again. These pads smell delicious and exfoliate the skin gently but effectively. The pads are completely soaked so you don't have to worry about them drying up over time. I do thing they're soaked a bit too much though as I do have to leave my skin to dry for a few minutes.

I'm addicted to this stuff. Elemis' Frangipani Monoi range has been around for ten years and to celebrate the anniversary, the brand has released a new addition to the range. The body cream is extremely indulgent and allows you to get a spa treatment daily. The fragrance itself is warm and exotic and I hope to god they release a perfume one day. It leaves the skin feeling incredibly smooth and locks in moisture throughout the day. The scent is also very powerful and I find it lingers on my skin nicely. I've received countless amounts of compliments. 

I took this small sample on holiday with me and at the time, I thought it was the foundation that wasn't breaking down, even in the heat. But when I came home I used this with a different base and it's incredible. I think it's pricey for a primer but it's what I'm going to be using on graduation day. My foundation tends to break up throughout the day and disappear, but this hold it in place.

Another primer and I've had this a while. I use this around my nose and cheek area as I have quite enlarged pores. I tap this into my skin and it instantly fills my pores in and gives me a flawless looking complexion. It leaves the skin feeling velvety and allows make up to apply much easier. It also gives a nice matte finish to the skin so it's perfect for those with oily skin. It doesn't, however, dry my skin out. I don't find it makes make up last any longer - it's just great for concealing pores.

I do love Good Things as a brand and when I saw that this was on such a wonderful offer, I rushed to Boots to pick it up. The first time I used this cleanser I tweeted about how glowing and young my skin looked it and felt. Since then, it's continued to get better. This cleanser feels luxurious to uses and smells good enough to eat. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and and looking radiant. I definitely need to try out the rest of the range.

When I first got this brush, I had no idea what to do with it. I love my Real Techniques Expert Face Brushes too much. Recently, I've been using this to apply cream and powder blusher. It gives a light diffused look that's almost airbrushed. Since using this I've found that the overall finish to my blush and make up in general is much better. I love it. It also washes really well without any shedding.

Joan Collins Brow & Eye Definition Kit* - £25.00 (available October/November)
Before recently trying out a few things from the brand, I'd never heard of Joans Collins. I got my eyebrows threaded a couple of weeks ago (after growing them out) and this palette has made my eyebrows look even better. It comes with a black powder, a brown powder, a pink champagne highlight powder and a brow wax. As well as this, there's a decent sized mirror, mini tweezers, mini comb and mini brush all housed inside a beautiful compact. 

What products have you been loving this month?
*PR Sample