Friday, 29 August 2014

MAKE UP | KIKO Daring Game Collection

Bronzer, Highlighter, Lipstick, Lip Liner

Kajal, Marker Liner, Color-Up in 11, Color-Up in 20, Eye Pencil in 2, Eye Pencil in 6
KIKO have outdone themselves, AGAIN. It seems like this make up brand can do no wrong. Their new collection, Daring Game, has been inspired by the smart, quick-witted Bond girls. The collection is strong, sophisticated, elegant, confident and absolutely perfect for autumn. The packaging, for starters, is exceptionally clever and reflects the Roulette table, card decks and dice.

This multi-tasking palette hasn't left my side since I received it. It comes with a two-toned matte bronzer and a pearly highlight. For me, this is the collection's stand out product. The packaging is stunning (it includes a large mirror) and the formula is exceptional. The three shades are buttery soft and of the right pigment - no muddy look. I use the bronzers to sculpt my cheekbones and the highlight to add an all over glow. I'm addicted.

These creamy jumbo shadow sticks are incredibly soft and blend like a dream. The pigment is outstanding and the pencils don't drag on the eyelids. They create a beautiful smoky eye but I find that I definitely need to use a good primer with them. They're very creamy which means that they don't last as long as they claim, sadly.

I was extremely confused about these when I first received them but after reading the press release, I realised that they're actually hidden. Underneath the outer packaging is an eyeliner pencil that glides onto the eyelids and waterline. These can be smudged with the brush encased in the packaging or left to set for dramatic, stunning eyes.

This eyeliner is a two-in-one product. It comes with a marker tip and a kajal tip - both great for creating a smoky eye. The marker isn't the best that I've tried. It's perfectly shaped but it isn't quite as intense and black as I'd like. The kajal, on the other hand, is wonderful. It's long-lasting, dramatic and easy to use.

I think I'm addicted to this lipstick. It's a stunning grown-up shade and it's definitely going to be my most worn autumn lip. The lipstick itself is long-lasting and easy to apply thanks to its ultra-gliding formula. The finish is demi-matte which for me is perfect for a lipstick.

I've never really used a lip pencil before but I think this one might convert me. It matches the lipstick perfectly and really ensures the lipstick stays put throughout the day. This lip pencil doesn't drag on the lips and leaves behind a strong pigment. It's great for making my thin lips fuller.

How adorable are these nail polishes?! From the top they look like dice. Incredible. The blue shade is one that I'm most definitely going to be wearing on my graduation as it matches my dress perfectly. The plum shade is a gorgeous colour for autumn. I'm yet to try these out on my nails (nail polish ban) but KIKO claim that they give a gel-effect on the nails.

I adore this two-toned face brush. It has been designed to follow the natural lines of the cheekbone. The two levels allow for bronzer and highlighter to applied at the same time and this is what I've been using with the bronzer I mentioned earlier. Both products work in complete harmony with each other and create such a gorgeous sculpted cheekbone. 

What's your favourite item from the collection?
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