Wednesday, 20 August 2014

SKINCARE | Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Micellar Cleansing Fluid

Don't get me wrong, I love a full on proper cleanse as much as the next person. But one thing I've realised recently is that sometimes after a long day, I just want to take my make up off without any fuss. And that's where Eucerin's DermatoCLEAN Micellar Cleansing Fluid* comes in. I've tried my fair share of micellar waters in my time and although Garnier's offering remains in the top spot, this one is a great contender.

This cleansing fluid provides a 3-in-1 cleansing action and is perfect for all skin types - even sensitive. The consistency resembles that of water and feels light and refreshing on the skin. It works wonders on eye make up and quickly removes make up easily. I find that my skin feels balanced and moisturised after using this which is fabulous as I know some can dry the skin out.

This micellar water is fragrance-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free and that's where I think it could top Garnier's version. For me, I'll continue to purchase the one from Garnier as it's cheap and easily accessible. But if you suffer with extremely sensitive skin and are worried about putting things on your face, you can't go wrong with this. It's definitely one of the best out there!

What's your favourite micellar water?
*PR Sample