Saturday, 1 February 2014

HANDS | Cuticura Limited Edition Candy Inspired Hand Gels

I'm someone who hates washing their hands in public toilets. Before you start saying the eeeews, hear me out. For starters, there always seems to be an array of girls hogging the mirror and to me, that's intimidating. Secondly, the hand-dryers are awful and finally, you only touch the door handle afterwards anyway. Instead, I use an anti-bacterial hand gel. 

Gone are the days are the boring, chemical smelling hand gels. The new limited edition candy inspired range by Cuticura is fabulous. Exclusive to Primark, these hand gels give your hands a sweet treat, instantly cleansing them and keeping them bacteria-free. These gels are available in two different flavours: Lemon Sherbet* and Sugar Candy*. The bright and zesty Lemon Sherbet one is without a doubt my favourite. I adore anything lemon and this one - which smells of vanilla and well, lemon - is scrumptious. Sugar Candy is also delicious and smells of grapefruit and sweet vanilla which allows you to have a sugary guilt free treat.

I have one of these on my desk and one in my handbag. I can't stop using them and I think I have an addiction to them. These wonderful must-haves are available now for £1.50 each in Primark stores. I must also give a shout out to the beautiful Sherbet Lemon jar. The sweets taste gorgeous and the jar (from Getting Personal) is something I'll keep forever.

Will you be picking up these hand gels? Which scent will be your favourite?
*PR Sample