Wednesday, 19 February 2014

BODY | Imperial Leather Limited Edition Tempting Shower Creme

First of all, I must apologise for taking photos of the bottle half empty. Once I'd had a whiff of this stuff, I couldn't wait to use it and that meant the good blogger in me quickly went out of the window. If there's one thing I love it's shower gels. I have many of them in the bathroom at the moment (eight I do believe, don't ask me why). But the Imperial Leather Limited Edition Tempting Shower Creme has knocked all of my others ones off the shelf.

As a brand, I love Imperial Leather. Their shower gels are always high quality in formulation, delicious in scent and a bargain in price. Their new collection has been inspired by tropical land and using exotic scents and indulgent aromas, the brand have created a beautiful shower experience. Tempting* combines Guava with Lotus Flower which fills the bathroom with the most mesmerising smell my nostrils have ever had the pleasure of smelling. Fruity yet luxurious, one sniff and you'll be in love.

The other shower gel in the collection is Mesmerising. With a combination of delicate Shea Butter & Honeysuckle, this indulgent scent is less fruity and more warming. If I can track it down, it'll be in my trolley in an instant. Despite the price, the formula of Imperial Leather's shower gels in second to none and is better than more expensive brands I've tried. Only a small amount creates a rich, thick and creamy lather that leaves your skin soft to the touch.

Both of these are available to buy at Tesco where they retail for just £1.89. You can also buy them online here and here.

Have you tried these shower gels yet? What's your favourite Imperial Leather scent?
*PR Sample