Monday, 10 February 2014

VALENTINE'S DAY | Korres Men's Kit

Ahh Valentine's Day. My 21st one single. But oh well, I don't need no man... I'm a strong independent woman! Although, I do want to go and see Endless Love. I've even considered going and watching it alone on Valentine's Day in a cinema full of couples... I'll let you know if that happens. But enough of me, there's no need for me to bitter. If you're after a last minute Valentine's Day gift for that man in your life then I present to you the Korres Men's Kit.*

Priced at £19, this kit is affordable, cute and practical. Not only will it introduce your man to some of Korres best sellers, it's also perfect for stashing into their gym kit, travel bag or keeping round at your house in case he stays over and forgets his products - no way is he borrowing Laura Mercier. The kit contains a 40ml Guava Shower Gel, 40ml Basil Lemon Shower Gel, 40ml Aloe and Dittany Shampoo, 25ml Absinthe Shave Cream and a 25ml Marigold and Ginseng After Shave Moisturiser. Basically everything a man needs.

I've had a sniff of these products and they smell delicious. I'd definitely want my non-existent man (or Zac Efron) smelling like this after a quick shower. The Korres Men's Kit is available to buy here where it retails for £19.

Will you be single on Valentine's Day? If not, what have you bought your lover?
*PR Sample