Friday, 14 February 2014

NAILS | Models Own HyperGel Collection

Cornflower Gleam and Pink Veneer
You must all know by now that Models Own is without a doubt my favourite nail polish brand, right? After their surge of extensive and incredible collections in 2013, I was looking forward to seeing what the brand had to offer this new year. And boy, did they start off well. The HyperGel collection* promises a high gloss gel effect nail with a vibrant colour and pigment. There are ten new shades in the collection and the finish gives that of a professional salon manicure. 

Since receiving these polishes, they've all I've had on my nails. They're opaque in one coat, last around five days on the nails without chipping and are extremely easy to remove. The colours are all stunning - my favourite being Coral Glaze - and the ultra glossy finish is absolute perfection (and means I can skip the top coat step). I'm someone who seems to love needing the toilet after painting my nails which is usually a nightmare, but these polishes dry super quickly which means that the waiting time is minimised.

The colours available are Coral Glaze, Lilac Sheen, Cornflower Gleam, Turquoise Gloss, Pink Veneer, Naked Glow and the ones I don't own Cerise Shine, Blue Glint, White Light and Red Lustre; which all have their own corresponding lids. Retailing at just £5 each (the same price as normal Models Own polishes) this new collection is an absolute bargain in my eyes. Not only are the colours wonderful, the formula is the best I've tried and I hope they extend the range further. You can buy these polishes here.

Have you tried the HyperGel Collection yet?
*PR Sample