Saturday, 31 May 2014

BRAND WEEK | Affordable hair care with John Frieda

If I'm ever in need of an affordable hair care product, this first brand I'll always look at? John Frieda. As a brand, I trust them - they seem to know their stuff - and their range is incredibly extensive. Recently, the Frizz Ease range has had a bit of a make over and at first, I wasn't that keen on the packaging. But after trying a few products out, I've found them all splashed across my dressing table...

As someone with naturally poker straight hair who loves a bit curl and wave, I covet curling sprays. I'm always on the lookout for the perfect one and this one is nice, but sadly still not perfect. You use it on wet hair (around 10-16 sprays is recommended), blow dry with a diffuser and finish with curling tongs. It leaves my hair looking nice, and holds the style for a couple of hours longer than it would usually stay. 

Oh this serum is something else. I'm used to using serums as the finishing step in my hair care routine, but this is supposed to be used on wet hair. At first, I didn't know how it was going to react with my hair, but after one use I realised how incredible this product is. It eliminates frizz, leaves the hair feeling silky soft and looking glossy and also resist humidity, which is absolute perfection. I just can't find a fault in this product, it's truly lovely.

I do love my oils and this is no exception. In all honesty, I can't tell the difference between Moroccanoil's, L'Oreal's and this one's offering (they all leave the hair beautifully soft and nourished), but the reason I prefer this to the other two I've tried is because of the bottle. I'm someone who moves around a lot; uni, friends, home etc. And this one is perfect for travelling as it comes in a plastic bottle with a pump lid. No mess and no breakages. 


Have you tried anything from this brand before?
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