Thursday, 29 May 2014

BRAND WEEK | Affordable skin care with Clean & Clear

Since my teenage years, spot-fighting brands have come a long way. I tried them all back in the day, and none of them actually helped my spots properly, instead they completely dried my skin out. Regardless, Clean & Clear is a brand that I've loved, especially when it comes to their face washes. Their Deep Action Cream Wash and Clear & Soothe Foaming Wash were pleasures to use; did the job but gently. I've been trying out two newbies from the brand recently...

Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing 2-in-1 Wash & Mask* - £4.49 (currently on offer for £3.29)
I absolutely love face washes that can also be used as face masks. I find them wonderful for leaving on for a couple of minutes at night whilst I proceed to brush my teeth. This one is no exception. An oil-free daily wash, this product aims to remove dirt and impurities and reduce blackheads. For the past few months I've had a nose full of blackheads and nothing has shifted them, but after two days worth of use, this face wash eliminated them, and they haven't come back since.

Clean & Clear Truly Gentle 3-in-1 Facial Wipes 25 Wipes* - £3.05 (currently on offer for £2.16)
I'm not a face wipe fan. I'm a true believer in the double cleanse, so face wipes go against everything I believe in. But I always have a packet in my collection. That's because some nights, a face wipe is what you need. And as far as face wipes go, these are some of the best ones I've tried. They're suitable for sensitive skin and and the skin is left feeling nourished and as soft as a baby's. They remove every single trace of make up - even waterproof mascara - and I've loved using them. My new favourites.


Have you tried anything from this range before?
*PR Sample