Saturday, 8 September 2012

REVIEW: JooMo 100% Truly Natural Face Wash

So many products these days claim to be natural but if you actually take a close look at their ingredients, you'll find that they're in actual fact not as natural as you'd like to believe. Lots of packaging is misleading and the use of the word 'natural' is thrown around these days way too much. So many big named brands are using ingredients found in drain cleaner and others that have been linked to breast cancer. However, JooMo Ltd* is a revolutionary new skincare product for young people which is the first ever 100% truly natural face wash.
This product was invented by former chemist, Nick Wallen and marketing expert, Linda Russell after their teenage twin sons struggled to find a safe, effect product to combat their acne. 'JooMo  face wash includes the product SaponinJ which is a proprietary skin repair system. It deals with existing skin problems, repairs the damage caused by synthetic products and rebuilds the skin's natural defences to prevent future allergies, infection and inflammation.' It also consists of a specially balanced formula of Saponins, Essential Oils, Sea Salt, Natural Sugars, Natural pH Modifiers, natural Antioxidants, natural Softeners and emollients. If you're like me and not very scientific based then that will pretty much mean nothing to you and you're probably just wondering what the product is like itself. Well I can tell you this, it's lovely. It doesn't strip the skin or dry it out like most acne/spot treatments do. It removes make up very well and it's even safe to use around the eye area. The scent of honey and orange is very strong but I find that if I use this in the morning it wakes me up nicely and leaves me feeling refreshed. This doesn't foam up like most face washes but I like how it feels. It feels like you're massaging silk into the skin when you're rubbing it around your face which I love! Since using this my skin isn't as red as it usually is around my scarring area and I've not suffered with any breakouts. 
You can find out more information about this product here and purchase either the boy or the girl bottle here for just £4.75. Have you tried this before? Will you be purchasing it?
*PR Sample