Wednesday, 18 December 2013

BATH | LUSH Bombardino Bath Ballistic

I have a ridiculous amount of LUSH blog posts to get through before the Christmas stock sadly leave. I've kinda been addicted to the place recently. If you ever lose me and you're wondering where I am, follow the smell of LUSH and I'll be there stressing out over which lovely treat to buy next. Remember how I said that Cinders was my favourite LUSH Christmas product? Yeah, I kinda take it back.

Bombardino has without a doubt taken its place. Granted, it still makes the bath look like wee but oh my, it smells delicious. I'm a huge fan of lemon scents and I'm an even bigger fan of lemon meringue so you can imagine my delight when I had a little whiff of this beauty. It's practically lemon meringue in a little - cuteish - bath ballistic. I most definitely need to stock up in the Christmas sale.

I have two more LUSH posts to get up before Christmas and a further two more after Christmas. So my favourites might change. Especially because I currently have So White waiting to be used...

You can buy Bombardino here where it retails for £2.50.