Thursday, 19 December 2013

CHRISTMAS | Last minute gifts

Sadly, I haven't mentioned Christmas that much on Bamboozle Beauty this year. It's not because I'm not excited (I really am - I was dancing around my house this morning to Christmas songs) but it's because I've been rushed off of my feet with university deadlines. However yesterday, I handed in my final assignment of this semester so after a day filled with taking blog photos, I have a couple of beautiful gift sets to show you.

When it comes to haircare, I absolutely adore TIGI as a brand. Not only do their products look fantastic and smell delicious, they perform well and are affordable too. This gift set includes the Bed Head Candy Fixations Sugar Dust which when sprinkled into the roots, absorbs oil and gives you volume in an instant. I'm a massive fan of these texturising dusts and this one is without a doubt my favourite - it leaves behind no residue whatsoever. You also get the Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray which is a fine mist that leaves the hair looking sleek and shiny. I usually steer clear of shine sprays as I have oily hair but this one is incredibly lightweight and it doesn't weigh the hair down or leave it looking greasy. This gift set is worth £27 and it's a must-have for those hair care fanatics.

I'm most definitely a fake tan addict. Being as pale as a snowman means that during the winter, I'm constantly bringing out the fake tan to ensure I look golden and glowing. Xen-Tan is one of my favourite brands and I've been addicted to their Body Scrub since using it on holiday this year. It removes dead skin cells, tan build up and it smells delicious and minty. Also in this gift set is the Transform Luxe which gradually builds up a beautiful looking tan that illuminates the skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. This tan is incredibly fool proof and I've had no problems with streaks and patchy areas once it's used after the Body Scrub. And of course, no fake tanning kit is complete without a mitt - the Xen-Tan Mitt is one of my favourites and unlike cheaper versions, it feels luxurious to use. This gift set is worth £44 and whether you know a fake tanning professional or a newbie, this gift set is one you should look into.

And there you have it! My last minute Christmas gift recommendations. A few other gifts I'd recommend for Christmas: KIKO Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick SetHearst Magazine SubscriptionsToo Faced Joy To The Girls Gift SetKIKO Satin Nail Lacquer SetBaylis & Harding Beauticology Master Chocolatier.

What are you favourite gifts that are out there this Christmas?
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