Saturday, 14 December 2013

SKIN CARE | Green People Age Defy+ Range

When it comes to eyes, I'm known to pamper my peepers often. I know it's a bit controversial - is it worth it, does it work? - but I'm a skin care addict and that extra step makes me feel incredible preened and prepped to (almost) perfection. And you know the saying, prevention is better than cure and all that? I'd much rather get to the age of 50 and think, "well, I wasted a bit of money on eye cream" than "damn, I should've used eye cream all those years ago."

The wonderfully natural brand Green People recently launched a new collection and I managed to get my mitts on a few pieces. The Age Defy+ range is aimed at women aged 35+ and Green People claim that the products are "rich in age defying botanicals and plant stem cells for optimum skin regeneration, moisture balance and deep hydration." Although I'm not 35 (I definitely feel like it sometimes though) my skin does have signs of ageing with its nasty dark spots so I thought I'd try the range out.

First I will say that for an eye cream, the price isn't half bad. An absolute bargain if you must. The tiniest amount goes a long way with this eye serum and instantly it sinks into the skin leaving the delicate eye area feeling hydrated, soft and soothed. As a student, I'm prone to a few late nights and this eye serum works wonders the night and morning after, instantly de-puffing bags and providing the perfect base for eye make up. It's become a must-have in my routine and it's safe to say that I'm addicted to how to makes the eye area look (tightened) and feel (soothed). As far as anti-ageing goes, this serum uses Sea Holly plant stem cells, Biacalin plus extracts of Argan seed and Hibiscus flower which all help to rejuvenate the skin, increase cell renewal and firm the skin - phew. Green People claim that the skin appears firmer and plumper within 15 minutes of application and I completely agree. I haven't seen any anti-ageing benefits yet (I can't say I have fine lines around my eyes) but my skin instantly feels tightened, brightened and awake.

If you'd have told me a few years ago that I'd be addicted to slathering my face in oil I would probably have laughed in your face. As someone with combination skin, I've steered clear of oils my entire skin care adorning life but this year, I've adored using them. This facial oil is a pleasure to use - it sinks into the skin almost immediately and instantly eliminates dry patches and balances out oily patches. It leaves the skin feeling extremely soft and although this isn't something I would use during the day, I love using it at night time for an extra special pampering treat.

Another product that leaves my skin feeling beautifully soft - I'd compare it to a baby's bottom! I love serums a lot and I have way too many so sadly, I haven't used this enough to form a proper opinion on it but it evens out my skin tone and provides instant hydration.

You can view the entire Age Defy+ range hereHave you tried anything from the Age Defy+ range?
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