Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Bio-Oil's #BigThankYou

A couple of weeks ago I received a knock at the door and waiting for me was a huge box. The postman told me that I had flowers and quickly, I picked the box up and went back inside. I was incredibly excited - and confused, did I have a secret admirer?! - and when I opened the box, the most beautiful bouquet of flowers from Interflora and a bottle of Bio-Oil were waiting for me. When it comes to Bio-Oil, I've been on a journey with the product. I tried it when I was younger when I first started noticing scarring on my skin and I hated it. It broke me out badly and left my skin an oily mess. However, as time went by and my skin started settling down, I went back to the bottle and now, it's my night-time moisturiser; I absolutely love the stuff.

I've been supportive of the brand since starting this blog. Their campaigns are beautiful and they recognise the beauty of the skin and encourage people to embrace their flaws - what's not to love?! Their latest campaign #BigThankYou recently ended and as a thank you to me, Bio-Oil sent me the flowers and another bottle of product. I couldn't thank them enough as they've been wonderful to me. I just wanted to show the flowers in case you hadn't already seen them (seeing as I was bragging on Twitter, oops). But I also wanted to know who you would say thank you to if you could. Especially around Christmas, it's important. Let me know in the comments!

*Flowers and Bio-Oil were sent to me free of charge as a thank you