Monday, 30 December 2013

HAIR | Latest loves

This past month has been an absolute nightmare. You know when people say that third year of university is stressful? It turns out they're not lying. Despite the fact I've only had three deadlines, they've all been huge assignments and I've barely had any time to myself. But with Christmas coming to an end, I decided that it was time to sit down and write about my current haircare loves. I've really been into haircare products recently which is something that doesn't happen often. I'm much more of a skincare/make up lover so at the moment, I'm embracing all things hair.

Now this is a pricey hair mask! But you do get a massive 500ml tub. Seeing as the weather has been getting colder, I've been pampering my hair a lot as it's been drying out. This hair mask is a real luxurious treat. It contains biomimetic ingredients which aim to mimic and replace lost keratin to leave your hair feeling strong, smooth and looking shiny. There are three different masks included in the range and the Revitalising Mask is for "natural/virgin hair." I've been loving using this. It feels like a thick balm but despite this, it doesn't weigh the hair down. Instead, hair is left feeling incredibly soft and soothed and looking beautiful. It's most definitely worth the hefty price tag - my mane adores it.

Unite Volumizing Boosta Spray* - £14.85
I suffer with lacklustre hair that falls flat as soon as I step outside. But this volumising spray has been working wonders on my hair. It smells delicious - like coconut - and it reminds me of summer. It doesn't weigh the hair down but instead, injects the hair with a volume boost that gives you dreamy Chezza hair. I use this before blowdrying and straightening/curling my hair and really, I don't think I can be without the stuff. What's even better is that Boosta Spray is paraben free and 100% vegan - no nasties will be working their way into my locks.

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Illuminating Shampoo* and Conditioner* - both £5.99
I've never believed in the whole "shampoo-for-your-hair-colour" for some reason but since using these two from John Frieda, I think I might be converted. The Liquid Shine Illuminating range aims to increase shine in natural, colour-treated or highlighted brunette hair. Both of these together leave the hair unbelievably soft - so soft that I actually can't tie my hair back which is bad for days when I'm at work. But wonderful for every other day. If I've used this wonder duo, you'll see me swishing my hair around so make sure you don't stand too close.

What hair care products have you been loving recently?
*PR Sample