Saturday, 21 December 2013

BATH | LUSH Snowman Bath Ballistic

When I walked into LUSH, I couldn't resist this little guy. Isn't he just adorable?! But what really persuaded me was Miss Budget Beauty's post as she said that this bath ballistic leaves your skin feeling silky soft - something that I adore. This bath bomb is scented with the same vanilla fragrance as Butterball (one that I've never tried) and the smell is incredibly soft and pleasant. The bomb has been loaded with skin-softening cocoa butter which leaves the bath feeling nice and creamy. Once I stepped out of the bath it was almost unreal how soft and nourished my skin felt - it was wonderful! And I will definitely be picking up many of these in the sale and I'll be using Butterball all year round. A win on my behalf!

Have you tried Snowman before?