Monday, 23 December 2013

Getting ready for Christmas!

Can you believe that Christmas is TWO days away?! What is this madness?! I swear just the other day I was 10 years old and now in a few weeks, I'll be 21. Crazy. Anyway, I'm finally back home and I'm now ridiculously excited for Christmas. With Christmas comes parties and with parties and gatherings, you're going to want to look your best. So the wonderful guys at Chapstick put together this fabulous kit to help me prep for Christmas - let the festivities begin!

I've raved about these lip balms before. The Chapstick Lipsations Shimmer* - £1.99 are perfect for Christmas. Not only do these add moisture and softness to the lips (which is perfect during the winter months) but they add a bit of gloss and shimmer, making the lips irresistible - perfect incase you find yourself under the mistletoe. My favourite flavour has to be the Berry one, it tastes absolutely beautiful. A definite must-have for me is a tan. I'm a pale gal and the Trilogy Instant Bronzing Gel* - £17.50 is perfect. Many times I've found myself going out last minute and having to wear tights to cover up my snowman legs. But this quick drying bronzing gel delivers instant colour on application that doesn't streak and applies evenly. This means that you can apply, get dressed and not worry about looking like a ghost.

I've not been a fan of nail wraps in the past. I find them a bit of a nightmare and instead of being a fun treat, they're a chore to apply. Despite the fact that the Elle MacPherson Instant Nail Wraps* - £7.49 look gorgeous, I'm afraid I'm going to be giving these ones a miss for now. I just can't get the hang of the things! But if you have any suggestions on how to apply them, please let me know in the comments. The Collection Does It All Mascara Waterproof* - £4.99 has quickly become my mascara of the moment. I'm constantly reaching for it and I think it's down to the multi-bristle brush. It's huge, don't get me wrong, and sometimes I end up with it everywhere but it separates the lashes while added volume and ensuring every lash is coated. The name says it all... this mascara really does do it all.

But if mascara doesn't do it for you then falsies will do. Quick and easy to apply the LASH Eyelashes Volume Edition #21* - £4.19 from Superdrug are perfect. They look natural but add a little something extra to your eyes and really make them pop. No look is complete without hairspray. The Pantene Volume & Body Hairspray* - £3.69 is quite frankly perfect. Not only does it oomph your hair up but it holds it and keeps it in place all night long. That's all I can say. It's wonderful, it's perfect and if you're after a new hairspray, buy this one. Now a tin of STEAMCREAM* - £13.00 is something that I've lusted over for a way. This miracle moisturiser does everything. Using raw materials this tin of wonder moisturises the face and body and is suitable for all skin types. It sinks into the skin quickly and smells delicious.

What are your must-have products to help you prepare for Christmas?
*PR Sample