Saturday, 28 January 2012

My Top 5 Blogging Tips

I get quite a few emails and tweets a week asking me for my top blogging tips so I thought I'd compile a list to help people. If you're a new blogger or considering taking up blogging, I hope that this list helps you out or gives you final push over the edge to start your blog. I can honestly say that this is one of the greatest things I've done so far; it gives me a lot of freedom and cures boredom. It's also allowed me to meet and interact with people who have the same interests as me! If you're already an established blogger then these tips might not help you but please feel free to comment below with your best tips!

1. Blog from the heart and for good reason - I know a lot of people say this but it is true; you can tell when someone is blogging just for the 'free samples.' There seems to be no passion behind the posts and for me personally, their blogs tend to not interest me. Make sure you're blogging for you and for fun
2. Photos are important! - I love looking at pictures whilst I'm reading blogs and if someone's blog features good pictures, then I'm more likely to click that follow button! A nice background with clear images is lovely. You don't even need an expensive camera - mine was £100 and I think it takes pretty good pictures.
I'm not sure why I decided to use this picture or even take it.. But I just like it!

3. Interaction is key - Interacting with your readers and other bloggers just makes the whole experience a lot more fun. For me, I love having my 'real friends' but it's also lovely to be able to come online and talk to people who love the same things as you. For example, in real life I can't exactly show my excitement for the Naked 2 palette because I'd just look plain weird but on Twitter and on my blog, I can get as excited as I want.
4. Don't worry too much and/or take blogging too seriously - It's not a job. It's a hobby. You don't have to write one post a day and if people start getting angry because you're not blogging 'regularly' then that is their problem and not yours.
5. Have fun! - The most important one of them all; have fun! Write about what you want to write about and do it your own way. Personality is so important and even if I'm following a blog purely for beauty, I love it when random posts pop up about their day to day lives or posts about things they love. It makes it fun!

What are your top blogging tips?